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April 2020:  Diamond Freight blog

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Servicing the Ports of NJ, NY, and Savannah, GA

Diamond Freight Distribution remains fully operational during coronavirus.  In an effort to support customers facing logistical issues from disrupted supply chains, Diamond Freight secured a 6 acre, secure yard in new Newark, New Jersey.  The new yard offers the capability to pre-pull loads and store them securely minutes from the ports. 

The new yard creates storage spots while also featuring state of the art security.  Benefits to our customers include the following:

  •  Ability to pre-pull loads
  • 24 hour security & accessibility
  • 16’ fencing & extensive lighting around the yard
  • Company owned chassis fleet
  • Reefer & Hazmat storage

“Diamond Freight’s new yard offers an alternative to ease supply chain issues.  Our hope is that regardless of volume, we can support our customer needs in a difficult time for the country and economy,” said James Ferrone, Executive Vice President of Diamond Freight Distribution.

Any detention and demurrage charges between an ocean carrier and beneficial cargo owner remain between those parties.

Additional information on flexible and secure container storage options can be obtained by emailing  

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