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We are committed to providing you personalized service for your Intermodal needs.

Diamond Freight has won awards on its unbeatable service. Our relationships continue to grow by working together toward a common goal – making your business run smoothly at all times.  Our efforts are firmly focused on delivering reliable service at a competitive rate.  

When Diamond Freight made its first trucking move 30 years ago, our goal was focused on establishing Diamond Freight as the premier Intermodal service provider within the Ports of New York, New Jersey, and Savannah, GA.

Through the years, we have witnessed the industry’s growth and economic fluctuations firsthand. Adapting in both positive and challenging times has allowed us to continue to grow in transportation and expand our services into storage and container sales. Truly making us the premier intermodal service provider we set out to become!

A full staff of well-trained, reliable employees are readily available to handle a variety of Intermodal needs.

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Diamond Freight Distribution Trucking Company
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Servicing the Ports of NJ, NY, and Savannah, GA

Drivingthe Intermodal Industry for 30 Years

  • Hazmat Registered
  • Alcohol Transportation License by State - CT, DE, MA, MD, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, GA
  • US Customs Bonded
  • Tri-Axel & Flatbed Chassis Available
  • Near all Major Ports in New York, New Jersey, & Savannah, GA
  • Real-time Container Tracking
  • 24-hour Secure 6 Acre Yard
  • Container Sales
  • Bi-lingual Drivers
  • W-9 Form​ (PDF)
  • Credit Application (PDF)
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(570) 534-4888    dispatch@diamondfreightdist.com

For 30 years, we've delivered freight solutions for businesses of all sizes. We work with you to reduce costs, improve performance and increase the efficiencies of your business. Our aim is to become an extension of your existing team and provide you the service you need to grow. Do you want steady year round work? Do you want paid vacation? Do you want medical dental benefits? Do you want a company who will invest in your professional development and training? Apply in minutes!