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In trucking, choosing a company that can handle different types of cargo on demand can help set you up for success.  To meet varying, and sometimes complex loads, Diamond Freight created a flexible model that allows our dispatchers to help setup the optimal move plan for your needs.  With our equipment and permits, we can design a move that saves you time and money. 

Below we detail some of the uncommon trucking move types we handle. Don’t see what you need here? 
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Refrigeration units on trucks, commonly referred to as reefers, play an important role in moving temperature-sensitive products. Variances of just a few degrees can mean the difference in sending a truckload of fresh food to a retailer and delivering a load of spoiled merchandise. Reefers rely on compression units and diesel engines, so you need to be well-versed in both operations to work on the trailers.  Diamond Freight has a certified team of drivers to handle these types of moves both professionally and efficiently.

Hazmat Loads
The hazmat certification is a bit more complex than others, as it requires fingerprints, a background check and educational material to be completed and passed before it can be awarded. Diamond Freight has a core set of drivers that have completed the necessary and vigorous steps to earn their hazmat endorsement. 

Alcohol Transportation                                                                       .
Because Diamond Freight values the business of their customers and seeks to maintain their reputation, we strive to maintain quality, efficiency, and especially safety within their transportation services. The responsibility of transporting controlled substances is treated with professional care and caution. Diamond Freight has Licenses to transport alcohol in the following states:
   New Jersey
   New York
   Rhode Island

Slider Chassis
Our customers want the right chassis at the right time, with a variety of choices for every containerized load.  Diamond Freight offers a slider chassis as an economical way to manage quick switches between terminals and shipping facilities. 

When you partner with Diamond Freight, customers have more opportunities to reach their goals. Call today for more details.  

March 2020: Diamond Freight blog

From hazmat to reefer loads—the 4 not so common intermodal moves you can run with Diamond Freight

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